4 Ways to Update Your Garage Door in 2018

For many homeowners, a remodel tops the list of New Year’s resolutions. When choosing a project, it’s important to focus on boosting your home’s value. While a marble bathroom sounds appealing, a new garage door boasts a return of 91.5 percent and instantly transforms the look of your property.

In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing four ways to update your garage door while keeping in sync with your home’s architectural style.


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Photo courtesy of Wayne Dalton.

Tudor Style Home

The Tudor revival style first appeared in England and made its way to U.S. suburbs in the 1920s. A storybook home, its defining characteristics include bay windows, facades with steeply pitched gables, patterned brick, rounded doorways, stone walls and chimneys.

Many homeowners are drawn to this classic aesthetic but don’t know how to modernize it. To create the happy balance between historical and updated, we recommend using carriage house garage doors. From there, incorporate details like iron hinges and arrows or multi-pane windows.


Sunwest Garage Door

Photo courtesy of Wayne Dalton.

Shed Style Home

Traveling forward into the future, the shed style was a favorite among architects in the 1970s. These homes feature multi-directional slopes, wood singles, downplayed doorways and smaller windows.

Because these homes lack symmetry, it can be hard choosing a garage door that reflects this style while remaining true to today’s trends. Because shed style is heavily influenced by geometrics, we recommend pairing your home with contemporary garage doors. And though we’d typically advise sticking with neutrals, incorporating pops of color has become extremely popular in the last two years.


Sunwest Garage Door

Ranch Style Home

Another style you’ll find in this neck of the woods is the California ranch. This type of home gained traction in the 1950s and 1960s, and is characterized by one-story, pitched roofs, built-in garages, wood or brick walls, and sliding doors.

This particular style is unique because it has experienced influences from Spanish colonial, prairie and craftsman home. To keep this aesthetic looking fresh, we recommend using traditional (raised panel) garage doors. And to really elevate your home’s curb appeal, incorporate tall plants, trees or shrubs to draw the eye vertically.


Sunwest Garage Door

Photo courtesy of Wayne Dalton.

Craftsman Style Home

This last style of home is a fan favorite, recognized by its tall windows and mixture of materials like stone, brick and wood. Craftsman homes are typically one-story and incorporate its surrounding landscape.

But because the craftsman style features multiple textures (which can compete with one another), it’s wise to incorporate sleek styles like fiberglass garage doors. We personally love adding details like paneling and gel stains to transform this style from rustic to contemporary.


Ready to Start Shopping?

We hope this information serves as a helpful starting point for your remodel. If you come across any questions or would like to discuss your design needs with one of our specialists, give us a call at (714) 528-5670.


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