This Summer we had the opportunity to bid on doors in the Baycrest community in Newport Beach,CA. Taking into consideration that there were specific guidelines required by the HOA as to the appearance of the doors, we determined that we would be able to use  the Wayne Dalton 8300 flush model door, and would hand apply a custom trim overlay  to each door at the time of installation.  

This would prove to be a situation where we would need to rely on our years of experience to accurately and competitively estimate for these doors, as well as install them.

We did a little bit of research and found a company that sold a wood trim that was the closest match to what was needed by the association.  We then got in touch with the architectural committee of the HOA and supplied pictures of the trim we located to make sure  that it was preapproved by the association so that the homeowners would not have any problems with the association after install.

In the community we found that there were approximately 5 different sizes of doors and different measurements of trim overlay to be applied. In addition to the different sized doors, each garage would have different challenges that would need to be met, such as: low headroom track utilization, vaulted ceilings, steel beam plates, and backfilling. Installation of the trim required that we make a custom template, sized and designed, to space out the trim overlay evenly and uniformly.

In the end we were able to be competitive in the bidding process, due to the fact that we were doing the complete installation “in house”.. This process enabled us to complete each door within the span of a day, and leave many satisfied customers, happy with their new garage door system.