LiftMaster´s solid-steel drive screw is maintenance-free. Encased in a wear-resistant channel that eliminates metal-to-metal contact for longer drive mechanism life and quiet operation, it never needs lubrication – ever! This garage door opener is also equipped with our patented Motor Vibration Isolation System(MVIS®) – a revolutionary “floating motor” design that eliminates powerhead vibration, resulting in smooth, quiet performance.

For greater security, our screw drive openers include Security+® rolling code technology. Each time the remote is activated, Security+® automatically rolls the code over to any one of 100-billion new codes, never to be repeated. We also includePosiLock®, a patented LiftMaster® feature. With PosiLock®, once your garage door goes down, it is securely locked and an intruder cannot gain entry by forcing your garage door open.

For safe operation, every model is equipped with The Protector System®, which projects an invisible light beam across the inside of the garage door opening. If anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down, the door automatically reverses before making contact.