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When it comes to choosing a new garage door (s), there are many things to consider. You want to choose a garage door that is going to match your home, the design of a garage door is important. At Sunwest, we take great pride in helping you find the best style garage door for your home. 

Style isn’t everything. It’s also important to properly install garage doors, ensuring the safety and longevity of the door. Surprisingly, this isn’t a standard by all companies. Our technicians are experienced and capable of correctly installing garage doors at high-quality standards. We only want the best results for our customers, that’s why we offer free quotes and will walk you through the process of getting your new garage door. Overall the process is simple and will be listed:

Choosing Style

When choosing the style of your new garage door it can sometimes be frustrating finding the proper style, at Sunwest we provide a large spectrum of garage door styles. Anywhere from:

  • Style: Carriage, Traditional, Modern
  • Materials: Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Glass
  • Features: Insulated, Painted, Windows, Powder Coated, Custom Tracks

At Sunwest, we work with the top garage door brands to ensure you get the best quality door for a reasonable price. Our garage door specialists are trained to install doors correctly and efficiently, ensuring your door operates safely and freely.

Choosing Construction

We commonly hear people talk about a garage door is just a garage door. That isn’t the case at all. There is a big difference in quality between one door and another. The construction of the door is one of the primary differentiators. There are commonly multiple layers when it comes to garage doors. For example, a non-insulated door commonly is considered a “one layer” garage door.  The next level up is a two-layer insulated garage door commonly known in the industry as a “Vinyl Back” garage door. This is still considered a very affordable garage door but provides some qualities like temperature control and reduces vibration in the door ultimately making the door a little quieter. Lastly, you have a three-layer garage door that is typically filled with polystyrene insulation or polyurethane. By asking a few questions about your goals will help us identify which door works best for you. Call us for a free consultation. 

Choosing A Track

When choosing a track to have installed there are many things to consider, the ceiling height and type of opener will play a big role in which track will work with your garage door. There are different types of openers, these openers include chain drive, screw drive, belt drive, direct-drive, and jackshaft openers. These openers can play different roles in how your garage door operates. We recommended an opener that has a belt-drive, for a smooth transition that is the quietest trolley opener out of the three trolley options. The jackshaft or side mount opener doesn’t have a trolley and due to the reduced parts that are moving, it’s typically quieter than all the trolley options.

If you are not sure about what type of track you will need, we recommend you call us and schedule a free estimate. We’ll send out an experienced technician that can properly assess the situation and walk you through the options.

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At Sunwest Garage Door Company we want you to feel comfortable with the garage door you choose. We strive to provide excellent quality services all around to make sure you get the best experience. 

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Great job!

5.0 rating

These guys were great. The tech was friendly, knowledgeable, and obviously knew what he was doing. He replaced our opener, serviced the door, cleaned up thoroughly, programmed the exterior remote, and even did the presets in our cars.
Great job!

Ryan R.

Will definitely use their service for any future garage door needs.

5.0 rating

Was frustrated that other repair companies were unwilling to provide an estimate over the phone. Sunwest was able to give me an estimate for the broken garage door spring over the phone with a range based on the size of spring needed.
The tech (Phil) showed up on time and repaired was quick and clean. He took the extra time to figure out the discrepancy between the previously installed spring and what the manufacture sticker recommended for the door.
Will definitely use their service for any future garage door needs.

Julian N.

Great garage door company!

5.0 rating

The hinge on my old wooden garage door failed and the door came crashing down. I called Sunwest (their sticker was on the door from work done back in 04), they sent a tech out on the weekend to secure everything and we made an appointment for a time specific on Monday. Fast forward to Monday afternoon, Phil the Owner shows up says it will take 45 minutes to replace all the hardware, confirmed the price quoted over the weekend and set to work. 45 minutes later the job is done, my credit card charged with the agreed amount and we are shaking hands. The door works perfect, the jobs site was cleaned up and we are happy customers. Thank you Phil.

Bert A.